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Medidia has developed and produced high-quality diamond tools since 1986. Our location in the gemstone-metropolis Idar-Oberstein offers the best conditions. Proximity to excellent education and training opportunities for our employees, as well as to our reliable material suppliers and associations of the gemstone and diamond industry enable us to meet the high quality standards. The ever-increasing demands of the industry and our discerning customers are our challenge. We are constantly improving our production methods and actively take part in the research and development of new technologies. For this reason, we belong to the market leaders in this industry branch, for example, in the field of micro-machining.
Our team consisting of 17 employees daily work on implementing our customers’ demands. In close cooperation with you, we develop functional and effective solutions even for the most demanding nd complex problems. We are proud of our having completed numerous prestigious projects in the field of medical technology, micro-machining and diamond processing, from the first advice to the customer to the complete design and implementation including the solution development.

We are an active partner of the Swiss company Anton Meyer & Co. AG well-known worldwide for its quality. We procure our diamonds from Ziemer Swiss Diamond Art. This Swiss company stands for reliability and the highest precision in the diamond production.

Chip-removing and

micro-machining tools

Our production program encompasses the entire range of diamond tools with defined blades.

Dressing Tools

During the grinding process, there are many factors affecting the quality of the tool, e.g. concentricity, geometric shape and the optimal effective roughness of the grinding disc surface.


Medidia processes only high quality mono-crystalline diamonds, CVD diamonds and PCD cutting materials.


In addition to manufacturing the high precision tools, Medidia also offers its discerning customers a comprehensive service. We always find an effective and meaningful solution for your project.

If you have any question about our products or services, please feel free to contact us at any time!

This service is of course free of charge!