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Dressing Tools
During the grinding process, there are many factors that affect the quality of a tool, e.g. concentricity, geometric shape and the optimal effective roughness of the grinding disc surface.

The right choice of different diamond dressing tools ensures the highest precision. Rough diamonds machined by us ensure optimal conditions during the dressing process and a long service life.


When the highest surface quality and dimensional accuracy of a grinding disc is required, a single-diamond dresser is indispensable. These high-precision tools supplied by us have a wide range of price and grade classes.

We quickly and reliably grind blunt dressing diamonds and permanently fix them by soldering into standard holders or into the holders required in your drawings and specifications. Please do not hesitate to contact us to get an overview of our holders with inserted single-diamond dressers.

Diamond Dressers


A multi-stone diamond dresser consists of many well-grown, sharp and uncut diamonds arranged in a single layer or multiple layers. These tools are used for rough and rugged dressing and can be completely used up. Medidia provides a variety of the tool versions exactly tailored to the customers’ requirements.

Conditions of use: Dressing at normal speeds requires ample cooling, even before starting the dressing. This extends the life of the tool. The diamond-tipped head surface of the dresser is aligned perpendicular to the grinding disc surface to be dressed. In this case, the feed per stroke does not exceed 0.04mm. The feed speed ranges from 0.3 and 1.5 mm per revolution, depending on the desired effective surface roughness.


In contrast to single-diamond dressers, the multipoint dressers can be fully used up without changing or after-grinding. The broken diamond grain always ensures touching the workpiece by a number of sharp diamond tips. The multipoint dressing diamonds are embedded in
wear-resistant sintered metal. This facilitates a precise truing of very
fine-grained grinding discs. Of course, we can also implement a variety of
designs according to your requirements and drawings.

Conditions of use: Dressing at normal speed requires ample cooling, even before the dressing starts. This extends the life of the tool. The diamond-tipped head surface of the dresser is aligned perpendicular to the grinding disc surface to be dressed. Compared to a single-diamond dresser, the feed speed can be twice higher.


Diamond dressing plates are universally applicable dressing tools that can replace single-diamond dressers and ground profile diamonds. They are a cost-effective alternative to them.

These dressing plates are provided with unbroken natural grain, with rice-grain-shaped non-machined tips made of natural diamond or with polycrystalline CVD diamonds. Due to the correct choice of diamond tooling, the effective surface roughness of the grinding discs is optimally adapted to the necessary requirements.

Medidia offers two different types of holders: a swivel holder and a holder with a rigidly soldered dressing plate. We offer a variety of tilt angles according to the dressing devices on the grinding machine. Please contact us if you would like to request the respective drawings. Conditions of use: There are two binding types available:

N: Normal wear-resistant binding for corundum.
S: For silicon-carbide or similar grinding discs.

A comprehensive advice is also offered by us. For optimal calculation, please enter data on binding, grain size and diameter of the grinding disc to be dressed.


Diamond dressing wheels are provided with well-grown natural diamonds or polycrystalline CVD diamonds by hand. The latter are embedded in sintered metal in a single row or in four rows. When a surface of 4mm to 5mm is reached on the dressing wheel, the latter is released in the holder and turned further.

We will be glad to give you an overview of our holders with inserts of diamond dressing wheels. Of course, we can also implement special designs according to your specifications and requirements.

If you have any question about our products or services, please feel free to contact us at any time!

This service is of course free of charge!