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Our production program encompasses the entire range of diamond tools with defined blades. Our offer includes a wide range of tools – from a simply tipped ISO indexable insert to a complex-shape tools.

Our products are used in all common applications, including turning, milling, drilling, and planing of non-ferrous metals, fibre-reinforced plastics, wood composites, metal matrix composites, ceramics, and hard metals.

Medidia is the leading specialist in the field of chip-removal machining with diamond tools by planing, milling, drilling and turning in the range from 0.1 to 0.5 mm.

We are currently working on tools of a 50 mcm diameter for shaft mills and of a 150 mcm radius for ballhead cutters. In the area of the plunge-cut turning and planing, we offer even already now structure tools of below 50 mcm allowing production of structure walls of any inclination with large structural heights.

In cooperation with our customers, we have developed special micro-machining tools made of natural diamond, CVD diamond and cermet since 1989. These tools are daily used in a variety of industrial branches, for example:


In the plastic processing industry, our diamond tools are used for high-precision turning and milling. Many high-performance compounds with fillers and additives can be effectively processed with diamond tools only. Also the gloss turning and milling of Plexiglas can be easily made with the natural diamond tools from Medidia. Cutting materials: natural diamond, mono-crystalline synthetic diamond, CVD diamond, and PCD.


In the past, in the automotive industry, especially turning, drilling and milling of aluminium alloys was made with diamond tools containing much silicon. Due to introduction of new high-performance fibre-reinforced composites, for example, FRP and CFRP, it becomes necessary to select the best diamond types and the most modern state-of-the-art processing methods.

Medidia is ideally positioned for these tasks and can develop and produce the appropriate tools. Our tooled tipped with CVD diamond meet the necessary requirements already today.

Cutting materials: natural diamond, mono-crystalline synthetic diamond, CVD diamond, polycrystalline diamonds and CBN.


Our product line for ball bearings manufacturers also includes dressing diamond tools made of natural diamonds, dressing tiles made of CVD diamond, as well as profile diamonds of high-precision radii. We also produce drilling, turning and part-off tools made of CVD and natural diamonds for high-precision plastic cages of very small dimensions. Our product range also includes step drills and shaping tools made of natural and polycrystalline diamonds.

Cutting materials: natural diamond, mono-crystalline synthetic diamond, CVD diamond, polycrystalline diamonds and CBN.


The optics industry, like no other, depends and relies on precision and high quality of our diamond tools. Roughness should be of just a few nanometres (in the event of flatness and form accuracy of around 0.3 mcm). Only such tools will be suitable for the modern air-bearing precision turning and milling machines of our customers, who work in sub-micrometre ranges.

Typically processed materials are, for instance, aluminium, brass, nickel, OFHC copper or plastic materials, such as PMMA. The application area ranges from simple windows, prisms and polygon mirrors to spherical, aspherical or cylindrical shapes.

Cutting materials: natural diamond, mono-crystalline synthetic diamond, PCD as pre-cutting material.


In the clock and watch industry and jewelry production, diamond tools are used for machining of gold alloys and other non-ferrous metals. Using our tools is especially efficient due to their longer operating time and higher precision compared to other tools, as well as due to possible high-gloss surface of the workpiece.

Our range of tools for the clock and watch industry includes drilling and milling tools made of natural diamonds from 0.3mm diameter up to large turning tools made of natural diamonds, of up to 20mm cutting width. Medidia also produces bearing jewels and cap jewels in its own plant.

Cutting materials: natural diamond, mono-crystalline synthetic diamond, CVD diamond, polycrystalline diamonds.


In the manufacture of medical instruments, a high precision is the prerequisite for smooth running of complex operations. Our diamond tools are used in many areas of medical technology. But the major application area is still eye surgery.

Cutting materials: natural diamond and mono-crystalline synthetic diamond.


Like in the automotive industry, in the civil aviation and aerospace, processing of high-performance fibre-reinforced composites (FRP and CFRP) requires using the best diamond grades and state-of-the-art processing methods. Today Medidia is already capable of developing and manufacturing complex tools to machine these quality materials.

Cutting materials natural diamond, mono-crystalline synthetic diamond, CVD diamond, polycrystalline diamonds and CBN.

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